Low Fat Milk, What is The Side effects?

Tuesday, 1 November 2011 Labels:

Want smooth face free of acne? You should avoid low-fat milk. Low-fat milk is great for people who are dieting because it can reduce the fat in the body. However, milk side effect of this type often causes pimples on our face.

Practitioners skin specialist, Dr. Larisa Paramitha, SpKK, said that the low fat content of milk can actually cause acne. "Factor acne even exist when the process of removal of fat in the milk," he told Reuters. Acne, according to him, is not an allergic disease. Acne is not due to a food allergy.

However, acne is caused by oil production in the skin, more than usual. "Its production is condensed so that it appears to the surface of the skin as acne," he explained.


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